About Us

The fact that we have been active in our market for over a hundred years is no guarantee of continued success. Every day we strive to give our customers the best possible service. We are constantly developing our business by always working to improve.

"We are the best partner - our customers feel inspired with us. We deliver strong brands with outstanding quality, service & value with people and the environment in mind“


Our story started in 1884 with one delicatessen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Soon Arvid Nordquist had earned a reputation for quality food and beverages with regular customers including high-society poets, artists, and royalty.

With time our company developed to include four shops and a blossoming import business.


Our core values are sustainability, responsibility, and commitment.

"We strive constantly to improve on what we do, setting our sights high when it comes to being a good employer and a conscientious contributor to society.”  - Anders Nordquist CEO


Coffee has been in the portfolio since 1884 and we are at the moment the fastest growing coffee brand in Sweden with over 25% market share.

Selling coffee in Sweden, Norway, Finland and export countries – a growing business.