To calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production of Arvid Nordquist coffee, we have commissioned the environmental consultancy company U&We. The calculation covers the entire production chain, from farm to store shelf. The calculations are based on the Kyoto Protocol’s definition of greenhouse gases (the gases are standardised and presented as CO2 equivalents (CO2e), i.e.

-Carbon dioxide
-Nitrous oxide
-Sulphur hexafluoride

The emissions of greenhouse gases have been converted to CO2 equivalents based on their relative impact on the climate. The models that are used as bases for the calculations are:  

-Greenhouse Gas Protocol
-ISO 14644 
-PAS 2060

Specific data has been used as much as possible. In cases where the origin of the bean cannot be traced to the exact farm, the emission calculation for the cultivation process has been based on the country data available. This is in accordance with the EPD system*, for example. Data has been selected in accordance with the precautionary principle, which means that the calculated emissions are likely to be higher than the actual emissions.

We compensate for all greenhouse gases generated by the production of Arvid Nordquist coffee, from its cultivation to its appearance on a shelf in a store or at a retailer, by purchasing carbon offset certificates. Each certificate is traceable via a unique serial number.


Arvid Nordquist purchases carbon offsets twice a year to cover the forecast coffee sales over the next six months. The purchase is then supplemented in the following six-month period, based on the actual sales figures. The carbon offsets that Arvid Nordquist purchases are accounted for by ZeroMission in public registers. The table below shows how many tonnes Arvid Nordquist has offset each year and which serial number is linked to the offsetting.

Year Number of tonnes of C02e Project Country Standard Serial number Register for cancellation
2011 16 100 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102010-30092011-2095344-2096343-MER-0-A (1000 ton) och del av PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012012-31122012-2403088-2423087-MER-0-A och PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012012-31122012-2423099-2423148-MER-0-A Markit
2012 7 346 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012013-31122013-2711424-2718769-MER-0-A Markit
2012 8 738 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012012-31122012-2403088-2423087-MER-0-A (del av) och PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012012-31122012-2423149-2426986-MER-0-A Markit
2013 4 000 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012013-31122013-2745846-2749845-MER-0-A Markit
2013 11 140 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012013-31122013-2731828-2742967-MER-0-A Markit
2013 10 463 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012013-31122013-2718770-2729232-MER-0-A Markit
2014 5 000 Trees for Globl Benefit Uganda Plan Vivo PV-PVC-UG-100000000000171-01012013-31122013-2818156-2823155-MER-0-A Markit
2014 23 213 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012014-31122014-2869832-2893044-MER-0-A Markit
2014 2 207 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012013-31122013-2750874-2753080-MER-0-A Markit
2015 128 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012016-30092016-4033671-4033798-MER-0-A Markit
2015 25 000 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012015-30092015-3194406-3219405-MER-0-A Markit
2015 14 902 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012014-31122014-3140067-3154968-MER-0-P Markit
2016 11 500 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012016-30092016-4004937-4016436-MER-0-A Markit
2016 14 578 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01012016-30092016-4016437-4031014-MER-0-A Markit
2016 17 287 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 4401-185024768-185039902-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 (15135 ton) och 4401-185150250-185152401-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 (2152 ton) Verra 
2016 6 500 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012014-31122014-3154969-3161468-MER-0-P Markit
2016 8 099 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012015-31122015-3587593-3595691-MER-0-A Markit
2017 14 773 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102016-30092017-4370849-4385621-MER-0-A Markit
2017 14 062 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102016-30092017-4356787-4370848-MER-0-A Markit
2017 14 961 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 5034-210189112-210204072-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012014-31122014-0 Verra
2017 14 385 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 5581-247844507-247858885-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012015-31122015-0 och 5034-210204073-210204078-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012014-31122014-0 Verra
2017 9 674 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012012-31122012-2667270-2670263-MER-0-P och PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012015-31122015-3595692-3602371-MER-0-A Markit
2017 9 718 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012016-31122016-4289195-4298912-MER-0-P Markit
2018 16 863 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102017-30092018-4713424-4730286-MER-0-A Markit
2018 289 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102018-30092019-5416636-5416924-MER-0-A Markit
2018 11 477 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102017-30092018-4730287-4741763-MER-0-A Markit
2018 120 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022017-31012018-4487333-4487452-MER-0-P Markit
2018 4 742 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022017-31012018-4487453-4492194-MER-0-P Markit
2018 14 755 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 5904-265957755-265972509-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012015-31122015-0 Verra
2018 403 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 6054-277405333-277405735-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012016-31122016-0 Verra
2018 15 993 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 6054-277382685-277398677-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012016-31122016-0 Verra
2018 10 530 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012016-31122016-4299163-4309692-MER-0-P Markit
2018 9 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012016-31122016-4309984-4309992-MER-0-P Markit
2018 137 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012016-31122016-4284646-4284782-MER-0-P Markit
2018 5 419 REDD+ Khasi Hills Indien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-IN-103000000004095-01012016-31122016-4279227-4284645-MER-0-P Markit
2019 11 202 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102018-30092019-5381671-5392872-MER-0-A Markit
2019 15 426 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo PV-PVC-NI-100000000000609-01102018-30092019-5392873-5408298-MER-0-A Markit
2019 983 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo Inte annullerad ännu Markit
2019 5 450 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022018-31012019-4824604-4830053-MER-0-P Markit
2019 134 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022017-31012018-4492195-4492328-MER-0-P Verra
2019 210 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022019-31012020-5575482-5575691-MER-0-P Verra
2019 5 696 Ethiotrees Etiopien Plan Vivo PV-PVC-ET-104000000014099-01022019-31012020-5569786-5575481-MER-0-P Markit
2019 320 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 8004-446627430-446627749-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 Verra
2019 21 631 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 6503-324182610-324204240-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012016-31122016-0 Verra
2019 2 610 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 7061-367690542-367693151-VCU-006-MER-PE-14-844-01012016-31122016-0 Markit
2019 983 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 8004-446637740-446638722-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 Markit
2020 15 512 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 8004-446606868-446622379-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 Verra
2020 15 512 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo Inte annullerad ännu Markit
2020 5 050 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 8004-446622380-446627429-VCU-007-MER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1 Verra
2020 22 220 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo Inte annullerad ännu Markit
2020 18 928 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB 8263-5794662-5804661-VCS-VCU-263-VER-PE-14-844-01012013-31122013-1
2020 2 292 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo Inte annullerad ännu Markit
2020 982 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB Inte annullerad ännu Verra
2021 27 785 Communitree Nicaragua Plan Vivo Inte annullerad ännu Markit
2021 11 908 REDD+ Madre de Dios Peru VCS + CCB Inte annullerad ännu Verra


* EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a system for describing the environmental properties of products or services.

U&We and ZeroMission

Arvid Nordquist’s climate work takes place in collaboration with sustainability consultants U&We and the climate services company ZeroMission. The two companies share a common vision of bringing benefits to the planet together with their customers. 

We work with U&We on calculating our carbon footprint, and with ZeroMission on carbon offsetting. Both operations are aimed at companies and organisations that want to take a leading role in effecting positive climate change and want to integrate climate initiatives into business strategies. To ensure that carbon offsetting keeps its promises, project visits and audits are carried out on site in the various developing countries that have projects in which ZeroMission is involved.