Arvid Nordquist

Welcome to our world of coffee

Really good coffee is more difficult to come by than most people think. Every little bean that ends up on the store shelves has been carefully selected by the purchasers at Arvid Nordquist, followed by careful roasting at our roasters in Solna.


Arvid Nordquist is a small, family-owned coffee roasters. We cannot always compete with large companies and their resources. But we promise to never compromise on the quality of our coffee – and we are very proud of that.

"Every day, my colleagues and I sit at the testing table to taste coffee samples from all over the world. We keenly follow harvesting, developments in the coffee market, and events around the world that may affect coffee countries. We travel a lot and meet our coffee growers to learn more about their reality," Wilhelm Nordquist, Purchasing Manager, Arvid Nordquist Coffee.